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Go Sober for October Green Tea Mocktails

Sober for October: How to Embrace Green Tea

With Go Sober for October in full swing and its increasing popularity year on year, it can be a huge challenge to quit drinking alcohol, even if it’s for a worthy cause like Macmillan Cancer Support. That’s why at InnovaGreen, we have decided to showcase some of our favourite green tea mocktail recipes to help you on your fundraising mission, or if you are simply looking to cut down on your weekly alcohol units.


What is Sober for October?

Go Sober for October is a recent fundraising measure from Macmillan Cancer Support and it encourages people to get sponsored for taking up the challenge of not drinking alcohol for the 31 days in October.

Getting involved this October will help to make a huge and real difference for Macmillan’s cancer support services that provide care to people and their families who are affected by cancer.

If you’re taking part this year, read on to discover some interesting green tea mocktails.

Green Tea Mocktails

There’s a variety of our favourite green tea mocktail recipes available online but we’ve narrowed this list down to our top three, to help you get inspired this October.


1.    The Green Goblin

Perfect for a Halloween party; ditch the gin from this Green Goblin cocktail recipe for a refreshing mocktail using InnovaGreen’s herbal green tea, which will enhance the flavour of your mocktail when combined with cucumber, mint, lemon and botanical tonic water. Mmm delicious!


2.    Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail

If you’re looking for a taste of summer to enjoy on those warmer October autumn days, then this tasty Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail is just the ticket. Replace the white wine spritzer in the recipe with some apple juice and our delightful mint green tea for that classic mojito flavour and you can’t go wrong!


3.    Jasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea

Try this terrific mocktail with our tasty liquid jasmine green tea for an extra special flavour you’re sure to fall in love with. The combination of warming ginger and floral Jasmine in this mocktail is sure to keep you coming back for more.


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Green Tea Homemade Beauty Remedies

The Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Many people aren’t aware of the multiple benefits green tea can have on your beauty regime. Skincare, haircare and more besides can all be boosted through the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea.

What is so healthy about green tea?

Rich in age-busting antioxidants, green tea is a popular ingredient in many natural and organic skincare and beauty brands – and it’s easy to see why. Helping to detox your body both from the inside as well as the outside (when used topically), it’s a good idea to double up your anti-ageing efforts with this fantastic ingredient.

Here are some of our favourite green tea beauty hacks that you can try at home!

Green tea facial toner

Try mixing some of our green tea sachets with one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and two tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice in a blender or smoothie maker. Pour this into a suitable container to keep in the fridge for a natural way to boost your skincare routine.

Green tea for acne

Make some cold green tea, then dip in either a cotton bud or pad and lightly dab it on the affected area, leaving it to work its magic for up to 15 minutes before washing off well. Your breakouts could well be cleared with the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea.

Green tea body scrub

If you suffer from dry or rough skin, it can be a real pain to treat – not to mention the expense! Instead, you can whip up a batch of green tea body scrub at home for an effective and affordable treatment. Mix some natural yoghurt, coarse sugar and green tea, for a natural alternative to expensive exfoliators.

Green tea hair masque

If you’ve got brittle or damaged hair you will know how frustrating this is, but don’t fret, you can make your own protective green tea hair masque to get it back on track. Just mix together a beaten raw egg for added protein and some strongly brewed green tea before carefully applying this to your dry scalp, leaving it for half an hour before you wash it out.




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Green Tea Flavours: Which is Right for You?

The fact that drinking green tea is good for you, and that it tastes delicious, are both commonly accepted facts. Many people want to discover an easy and convenient way of incorporating the fantastic drink into their diet. Luckily, you’ll be happy to hear that there are a whole range of interesting and exciting flavours available, allowing you to tailor your morning green tea to your unique tastes and desires. Here are just a few.

Pure Green

For the green tea purists amongst you – pure green tea does exactly what it says on the tin. This is pure green tea, with nothing extra added. Like all our green tea flavours, pure green liquid green tea sachets derive from native Sri Lankan Camellia sinensis leaves and are vacuum sealed in our premium sachets to last the maximum possible time.

Herbal Green

If you want to maintain that authentic green tea taste, with just a little bit of added herbal twist, then Herbal Green is exactly what you’re looking for. With added chamomile, thyme and peppermint, this combination could be a great way to enjoy relaxing green tea in the evening.

Mint Green

Among the main green tea flavours available in our shop, we also offer a premium Mint Green flavour. With an added minty taste – this is exactly what you’re looking for if you want a refreshing twist to your healthy morning cuppa.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine green tea contains all the same authentic, top quality Sri Lankan tea leaves that you’d expect from other variations, with, as the name would suggest, just a hint of Jasmine. Jasmine, a fairly common addition to a wide range of cuisines, actually derives from a flower that grows across Europe, Asia and Australia.

All the green tea flavours

If you just can’t make your mind up about what type of green tea is for you, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can get the whole range. Our multi flavour combination box comes with 60 distinct teabags, with 15 in each flavour. And at just £9.99, you can even get over 15% off the price of all four combined individual products.

Check out our shop to find out more about these exciting green tea flavours.