The origins of green tea go back over 1,300 years – prized for its health promoting properties, its
popularity quickly spread across Asia. However, the preparation of this light and flavoursome emerald-
tinged beverage has always been a stumbling block for the Western consumer – it simply takes too long
to prepare, there are too many steps involved, and the delicate extracts can all too easily become
imbalanced if your timings are out, rendering the fluid bitter and undrinkable.

That is until now. Our green tea specialists in Sri Lanka (the world’s most famous tea producing country,
formally known as Ceylon), have developed what we believe to be a uniquely revolutionary solution to this
thousand-year-old problem, green tea in liquid form.

The liquid is extracted from the finest Camellia sinensis leaves – the source of all green tea – and vacuum
sealed in sachets for extended shelf life. The wonderful thing about this tea is that it can be added to cold or
warm water and creates the perfect green tea in moments every time.

Consistent quality of flavour and unbelievable convenience means you can take our Innova Green Tea sachets
with you anywhere you go, so you can have your favourite green tea at home, at work, on holiday or at friends.

Innova Green Teas come in a variety of flavours – Pure Green, Jasmine Green, Mint Green and Herbal Green.
See our full range below.

Innova Green Tea

  • £2.99
  • 15 Tea Sachets (1 box)

Available flavours:

  • Pure Green
  • Jasmine Green
  • Mint Green
  • Herbal Green