Sober for October: How to Embrace Green Tea

October 2, 2018
Go Sober for October Green Tea Mocktails

Sober for October: How to Embrace Green Tea

With Go Sober for October in full swing and its increasing popularity year on year, it can be a huge challenge to quit drinking alcohol, even if it’s for a worthy cause like Macmillan Cancer Support. That’s why at InnovaGreen, we have decided to showcase some of our favourite green tea mocktail recipes to help you on your fundraising mission, or if you are simply looking to cut down on your weekly alcohol units.


What is Sober for October?

Go Sober for October is a recent fundraising measure from Macmillan Cancer Support and it encourages people to get sponsored for taking up the challenge of not drinking alcohol for the 31 days in October.

Getting involved this October will help to make a huge and real difference for Macmillan’s cancer support services that provide care to people and their families who are affected by cancer.

If you’re taking part this year, read on to discover some interesting green tea mocktails.

Green Tea Mocktails

There’s a variety of our favourite green tea mocktail recipes available online but we’ve narrowed this list down to our top three, to help you get inspired this October.


1.    The Green Goblin

Perfect for a Halloween party; ditch the gin from this Green Goblin cocktail recipe for a refreshing mocktail using InnovaGreen’s herbal green tea, which will enhance the flavour of your mocktail when combined with cucumber, mint, lemon and botanical tonic water. Mmm delicious!


2.    Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail

If you’re looking for a taste of summer to enjoy on those warmer October autumn days, then this tasty Iced Green Tea Mojito Mocktail is just the ticket. Replace the white wine spritzer in the recipe with some apple juice and our delightful mint green tea for that classic mojito flavour and you can’t go wrong!


3.    Jasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea

Try this terrific mocktail with our tasty liquid jasmine green tea for an extra special flavour you’re sure to fall in love with. The combination of warming ginger and floral Jasmine in this mocktail is sure to keep you coming back for more.